KOBAU RS-Papiervlies 130 / Impregnated special fleece

KOBAU RS-Papiervlies 130 (Paper Fleece) is a good and economical solution
for the renovation of old plasters and for the preparation
and coating of drywalls (i.e. plasterboards, gsypsum fibre boards, OSB )

specific weight: 130 g/m² length: 25 m width: 75 cm

Application-related benefits:

1.) full-surface application on plasterboards / drywall

- saves a full-surface smoothing with i.e gypsum putty levels out contrasts
of the subsurface (fillers <> plasterboard)
- prevents dyeing/staining of wrongly stored and thus yellowed plasterbords bridges hairline cracks on drywalls and concrete elements gives a uniformly absorbent surfaces, thus very easy to coat

2.) Renovation of formerly papered walls

saves removing glue residues
saves an all-over smoothing of patched plaster walls levels out contrasts of the subsurface (fillers <> plaster) bridges reliably surface cracks in plasters economical compromise with very good diffusibility more properties:
colour: natural white tested for harmful substances and certified acc. to Oekotex Standard 100 easy to apply (no soaking time required), also in wall pasting technique very tearproof in wet condition (transverse elongation approx. 0.2 %) coatable with all Kreidezeit wallpaints (exept of Silicate Paint), no primer required for coating wallpaints the product can be fixed with powder glue for fleece wallpapers for thin coatings with our Lime wall Finishes, Marble Fibre Render a waterproof dispersion adhesive is required Prior to application please refer to the original KOBAU product information, available at: