Warning! Risk of self-ignition!

Natural oils dry and harden by reaction with oxygen. Chemically, this is an „exothermic reaction“ in which some heat is given off. On painted surfaces, this slight warming can not be practically measured.
However, the heat can not deduct from the cavities of oil contaminated porous materials (sponges, insulation materials, polishing pads, grinding dust) or crumpled fabrics, rags, swabs and cloths. Heat, in turn, favors the oxygen uptake of the oil, which results in the generation of more heat. A chain reaction begins. Under certain circumstances, the material can ignite spontaneously.

This occurs neither spontaneously nor explosively but makes up initially noticeable by a typical very strong odor, then by smoke. In some cases, finally the inflammation takes place . Normally this process takes several hours. In high summer temperatures it might need only one hour. Incidentally, the same problem even with conventional alkyd paints and glazes.

Unfortunately, this characteristic of natural drying oils can not be eliminated. The only way to eradicate this danger is to handle with utmost care. Oil-soaked rags, sponges, polishing pads should therefore be stored in an air-tight container right after work, for example in a tin or jar with lid or in a bucket of water.

Therefore see the following note on our product labels and in the product informations:
Attention: Store work materials, drenched with not dried oil (such as rags, sponges, grinding dusts, polishing pads) in airtight metal containers or in water, and ensure that fresh oil does not come into contact with porous insulation materials, otherwise there is a risk of auto-ignition due to the content of vegetable oil. The product itself is not self-igniting. Keep out of reach of children. Consider possible allergies to natural substances. By the use of natural raw materials, a typical product odor can occur.

Base Oil-soaked rag:
state after about 3 hours under ideal conditions: 30 °C air temperature, windless and direct sunlight

Keep oil-soaked rags fire-safe after work